Different Types of Sex Dolls — Which Love Doll Do You Like?

Do you know how many different types of sex dolls exist? If you think sex dolls only come in one form and size, think again! There are many kinds of adult dolls. They differ in gender, material, and features, which will be discussed in this article.

Different Types of Sex Dolls Based on Gender

Let’s begin with the most common: gendered love dolls. These are realistic dolls with lifelike looks and features. Hence, they can be dressed up, posed, and used for turning your erotic fantasies into reality.

For these reasons, they can be expensive. However, they can give you an immersive, realistic experience because of their lifelike looks.

Female Sex Dolls

Most lifelike sex dolls are females. That’s because love dolls are marketed for males. They are made not only to give pleasure to men but to be their devoted partners.

Female sex dolls are anatomically accurate. They have soft, bouncing breasts and realistic and functional vaginas and anuses. Some have textured orifices, too! Like real women, they are flexible. They have articulated metal skeletons, allowing you to position them however you like.

Shemale Sex Dolls

Shemale sex dolls, or transgender sex dolls, are another type of sex doll gaining popularity. As the name suggests, these dolls are half-male and half-female but most likely look female. The only difference is that they have cocks, which can be detachable or non-detachable.

If female love dolls are for men, transgender dolls target those in between. However, some straight couples buy this type of love doll so that they can use it at the same time.

Male Sex Dolls

For ladies and gay men looking for some love with a synthetic male partner, male sex dolls are the best option. These types of sex dolls are anatomically correct, like their female counterparts. They have perfectly sculpted bodies with usable anuses, testicles, and penises. They are designed this way to appeal to women.

Different Types of Sex Dolls Based on Materials

Silicone and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) are widely used materials for making sex dolls. However, some manufacturers use vinyl. Let’s define them based on their features and textures.

Vinyl Sex Dolls

Let’s start with the OG: vinyl sex dolls. Sex dolls made of this material are inflatable, making them unrealistic—but that was then. As technology advances, vinyl love dolls, while still inflatable, have become more lifelike. They now have silicone or TPE linings on their genitals to make them feel more realistic. Their breasts are softer, making their tits feel more authentic.

But their faces are the most improved change out of all the features since they were created. Their facial features and expressions are now more lifelike. They don’t look as if they are stuck in a euphoric face.

These enhancements, however, come at a price. Before, you could buy a vinyl blow-up doll for just $12. Nowadays, these types of sex dolls are sold for around $100. Thus, they are the best way to start your doll experience, as you could assess if you need a more expensive sex doll.

TPE Adult Dolls

Thermoplastic Elastomers, or TPE dolls, are the most popular most popular kinds of sex dolls. The reason is the price. TPE love dolls are less expensive and feel more realistic than silicone. Furthermore, they are more jiggly, making their boobs and asses squishy.

However, love dolls made from this material are susceptible to germs, dirt, and oil. That’s because they are quite porous, which means bacteria can breed in their microscopic pores. That’s why you need to keep them clean and be careful with the fabrics that can stain their skin.

You also need to be cautious when handling these types of sex dolls. They are prone to wear and tear, leading to cuts and abrasions if not correctly handled.

Silicone Love Dolls

Out of these three, silicone sex dolls are the most expensive ones. While they are less jiggly and squishy than TPE, dolls made from this material are more remarkably realistic. The glow on their skin and the realism in their faces give them a more human appearance.

They are non-porous, too, which means they are easier to upkeep. Plus, you don’t have to worry about stains, allowing you to put virtually any clothes on them. But, like TPE, they are prone to wear and tear; thus, proper handling is necessary.

Different Types of Sex Dolls Based on Features

Sometimes, owning sex dolls with realistic looks and features isn’t enough. You want something more alive. When we say “alive,” we mean dolls that can move and talk. If that’s what you want, consider getting a sex robot and an AI sex doll.

These types of sex dolls are more advanced in their features. Therefore, they have a higher price tag. However, their state-of-the-art specifications are worth investing in, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

Robot Sex Dolls

Robot dolls or sex robots are dolls that move. They are made from silicone or TPE and can be customized, like the conventional adult dolls. They can, however, thrust and move their upper bodies. Some can perform a blowjob, too!

The more bells and whistles, the more likely things will go south. For a lifetime of use, follow all instructions in the manual.

AI Sex Dolls

AI love dolls are far more advanced than sex robots, as they are equipped with artificial intelligence; hence, the name. They can strike up a conversation, whether sexually or non-sexually, make facial expressions, turn their heads, and detect your voice. 

In addition, they have built-in touch sensors and a heating system for a lifelike experience. Some even have self-lubricating vaginas, making these dolls even more authentic.

But unlike robot dolls, they cannot move their upper bodies. The only parts that move are their necks and heads. 

Which Type of Sex Doll Is the Best?

All types of sex dolls have impressive features and qualities. However, they also come with setbacks. Your choice lies in your preference. Be sure to read reviews about the products, stores, and refund policies. Doing so will allow you to get the best bang for your buck.

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