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Welcome to the world of Ultra-Realistic sex dolls

If you are looking for quality sex dolls, you have come to the right place. PetiteSexDoll is one of the world’s top suppliers of “TPE Sex Dolls” and “Silicone Sex Dolls”. We know what you want and we have a huge selection of all kinds of sex dolls for you to choose from.

Currently, for UK customers, we have two types of sex dolls for you to choose from.

UK Stock Sex Dolls: These dolls are stored in our Blackburn, UK warehouse – So that our UK customers could enjoy 1-3 Day free shipping( Self-pickup is also available, product price includes VAT). These in-stock product titles were ended with “UK Stock”. She will arrive in 1-3 business days after your order is placed and she will come exactly as pictured with the wig, built-in vagina, and standing feet. You will get more functions if you choose a Premium or Luxury version.

Custom Sex Dolls: These dolls are made to order. We will start manufacturing your doll in our factory after getting your order. You could customize 20+ features on the custom sex doll pages. We could ship it to you via standard shipping using a CN-EU truck in 3-5 weeks, shipping fee will be $120 – $150 (No worry, we will prepay import VAT & import duty) depending on the package weight. Or via expedited shipping, it will take 3-7 business days and cost $450-$500you will need to pay import duties & VAT yourself, we could help you reduce import duties if you choose expedited shipping, just contact our online agent after placing your order. 

At last, we wanna you know our website checkout currency is USD only. It is because we always set the same price & currency for all customers in all countries, no matter where you are from, buying our dolls will be the same cost.

Note: Sex dolls under 140cm can not be sold in the UK due to local laws, so please choose 140cm & 140cm+ dolls only.

Still any questions? Feel free to contact our 24/7 online service, we will reply soon 🙂

Custom Your Own Sex Dolls - Made to Order


Custom Doll Order Processing Steps

Sex Dolls Ready to Ship in UK 1-3 Day Delivery

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Hassle-Free Photos

We provide hassle-free photo check service! For custom orders, we will send you the finished factory photo once the sex doll is completed. Need modification? Feel free to contact us and get to know her before she arrives!

PetiteSexDoll Factory Tour

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See Why These Customers Love Us


PSD is a very good and helpful company. Delivery to United Kingdom is a bit difficult due to the current situation, but very satisfied with the company and the supporters.
The doll is the best I have ever seen so far. Her hands and feet are so natural-looking and except from the visible seem of the mold she looks very realistic. She was worth the price and the guys from petite sex doll helped me very much with all my questions and the purchase.

Robert J. / Wilmington, NC

December 5, 2022


At first I had my doubts about the site, but at the ends the results were AMAZING… customer service went beyond any expectations and the delivery was fast and flawless, they not only provide factory photos after the customization process but also give you videos if you u requested for additional changes. For the shipping, there is a tracking number so you can follow every step of the doll. Oh 😲 WOW once you have her/him it would blow your mind about the details and realistic doll. Above all, I will recommend PSD as a genuine and friendly site to get your lover doll thanx for everything. Cheers ya’ll!!!!!! 

Reuben Mellon / Alton, IL

Augest 23, 2022

The best deal of the century

I have browsed almost all the sex doll shops and what drives me to place orders here is their transparent price system and real photo mechanism. They are honest and what impressed me is the doll quality and the masterpiece of makeup! I used to be addicted to 2000+ full silicone dolls and big names but finally found their quality are 99.99% the same. I wont throw my money on those vendors anymore cuz I already found the best deal here! Thanks, Petite Team!

Charles B. / Princeton, NJ

May 15, 2022


I have purchased girls from expensive to cheaper. The quality of this doll is excellent. I would compare her to the girl I spent $1600 on. She is so beautiful. It does take almost 2 months to receive her. You know what though. I think that is how they sell a doll worth $1500 to $2000 for $599. So you dont have to worry about the waiting time…all worthwhile. buy from PSD and you get the highest quality, most gorgeously beautiful, and the most important. DURABLE… SOFT… 100% THE SAME DOLL as the pictures. In the Love Doll Business, they rises above all others and charges the same as the cheap dolls that fall apart and start breaking down the first night. Yet has the Beauty and Durability of a doll 3 or 4 times the cost. PSD IS THE ONLY COMPANY I WILL EVER PURCHASE FROM IN THE FUTURE. I am so happy with my girl. If you want quality beauty, and a doll that will really last and last… Their Dolls are top of the line. Feel totally comfortable and confident that PETITESEXDOLL is beyond excellent.

Mark J. / Chino, CA

February 3, 2022

I bought 2 dolls from Petite Sex Doll

I bought 2 dolls from Petite Sex Doll … the first is made of tpe (153 cm BBW) and the 2nd is made of silicon head (158 cm). The quality of both is extremely high. Whether tpe or silicone, both feel very good and realistic. But talcum powder is important for tpe/silicone dolls because otherwise they are sticky and abrasions can occur more easily…..😂but anyway its a good company offering top-notch service.

Michael Davis / Woburn, MA

September 29, 2021

Excellent work.

My male doll is 10/10! These guys are legit. Very good quality, body shape and nice gel breast! No need support for the heating and voice system, works perfectly. Top notch. Kudos, you guys rock! Waiting for other new realeased model. Very excited.

Stephen M. / Gainesville, FL

July 17, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sex Dolls? Who will buy these dolls?

As you probably know, sex dolls have been around for a long time, but there are still many customers who feel ashamed when they contact us or ask for information about sex dolls, as if sex dolls are a taboo topic, bad or illegal. But the fact is that sex dolls are very popular these years, and even more in normal society. Especially now that sex doll manufacturers are developing ultra-realistic dolls, as well as AI sex dolls with artificial intelligence communicating and expressions that promise to give them a more human touch.

Sex dolls, or love dolls, will become more common in the future with advances in robotics, virtual reality and computing, which will think and act like humans, according to emotion experts. If you check the news on Google, you’ll see that many men buy sex dolls to add a human touch to their homes, and many women also buy sex dolls for photography purposes, decoration or styling, etc. Some customers who are in a relationship also use sex dolls as a way to fantasize without hurting the other half, and we have seen many couples use realistic sex dolls or sex torsos to spice up their marriage. So, having a sex doll is totally normal and can add more spice to you and your family.

Why buy from PetiteSexDoll?

We are the best choice for affordable and high quality realistic sex dolls. Why do we have best offers and prices? Our goal is to find you the best dolls to make your sex dreams come true, and we do this by partnering with top Chinese manufacturers to provide you with the widest range of models, prices and customization options. Whether you are looking for TPE, silicone, mini or full-size sex dolls, we are your best choice.

Buying adult sex dolls from us, we guarantee to only work with top manufacturers and real sex doll artists. Our team will ensure the best possible customer experience and ensure we provide you with the best doll for your needs. Our dolls are tested and reviewed by many customers every week, and our thank you emails are overwhelming.

If you are looking for a realistic love doll, check out our wide range of sex doll collections at the top menu, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know and we will help you find that dream doll.

What is the difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls?

Both materials are great and feel like real skin. TPE is becoming more and more popular because it is easy to carve, and sex doll sculptors have created truly sexy and realistic TPE doll models. Silicone is also great, more dimensional, cleaner, and because of its high melting point, it can be heated for a longer period of time. However, due to the color of the material, we recommend that for tan and black dolls, TPE dolls are good enough. For white and natural dolls, TPE dolls are good, but silicone dolls will be more realistic.

At the same time, both TPE and silicone dolls are waterproof, so there is no need to worry about not being able to bathe with your doll. You can customize your doll by choosing from different body shapes, heads, chests and body parts. All dolls have flexible and fully articulated skeletons, allowing you to use them in any pose you can imagine.

Free Shipping and Secure Payment

For custom dolls, we offer free shipping to US customers and economy shipping to Europe and the UK. Expedited and fast shipping options are also available for all countries. At the same time, we store pre-made sex dolls in our global warehouses in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, allowing you to enjoy them within 1-7 days without waiting too long. We respect your privacy, there are no labels on the box that could reveal the contents, and if you prefer, we can also ship to your local pick-up station instead of your address, so you can pick up your lover at your convenience. Once your doll is shipped, we will send you a tracking number. All kinds of payments are protected by our customer privacy policy,  you can pay via bank transfers and cryptocurrency payments).

If you have any questions please contact our team via email or online chat and we will make sure to help you get the best sex doll for your needs.

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