Busting 5 Biggest Misconceptions People Have About Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have been around since before our great-great-grandparents could do their thing. Despite being around for ages, many myths and misconceptions surround their existence. It’s probably because it’s still controversial. Some people still consider it taboo, resulting in the spreading of myths and misconceptions about sex dolls.

If you’re planning to buy a love doll but have doubts, this article might help you change your mind! This post will debunk myths and misconceptions about our beloved synthetic companions. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Misconception #1: Only Men Can Use Sex Dolls

This is—by far—the most common misconception about love dolls, so we put it at the top of the list. We cannot blame everyone since the first dolls were designed to please men. Furthermore, most of them resemble women; hence, the misconception.

But if they only take a deeper plunge into the world of adult dolls, they’ll find that there are different sex doll types. Some are male sex dolls catering to the needs of women and gay men. Others are mini sex dolls made for those inclined to petite and young ladies. For those who have a sexual tendency towards trans or those who swing both ways, shemale sex dolls are made just for them.

In other words, sex dolls are not a one-size-fits-all thing or exclusively made for men. This large scale of models proves that these sex gods or goddesses are designed to meet the needs and desires of every individual. Whether you’re a boy, a girl, or belong to the rainbow community doesn’t matter. What matters is that they cater to everyone’s preferences and fixations.

Misconception #2: Only Lonely People Can Use Sex Dolls

One of the advantages of adult love dolls is that they are the perfect partners for those who don’t have one. They fight feelings of isolation and loneliness. There’s nothing wrong with it because loneliness is inevitable and constant. With their presence, owners can feel like someone is always there by their side and won’t leave them behind.

However, not all owners and users of pleasure dolls are lonely and depressed. Some of them are in a relationship and are happy with their lives, thus busting this misconception about sex dolls. Adult dolls aren’t just made for fighting loneliness. Couples use them to add spice to their sexual lives. Also, sex dolls cannot develop feelings, so women are not jealous.

These studies prove that women are not afraid that a love doll might replace them. In fact, they respect their partner’s wishes to have a sex doll. Therefore, people don’t only buy sex dolls because they feel lonely and crave company. They purchase them because they want to have fun. And with technological advancements, the popularity of pleasure dolls keeps growing.

For this reason, these lifelike companions provide many advantages other than fighting loneliness. For instance, they can boost one’s self-esteem in sex. With a doll, they can try different sexual scenes and erotic positions they haven’t tried yet with their partners. Furthermore, they help you explore your sensuality. And since they don’t get pregnant or carry any sexually transmitted diseases, they won’t put your health and relationship at risk. Just always keep them clean so that you won’t have any worries.

Misconception #3: Sex Dolls Destroy Relationships

You have heard this a lot, and you keep hearing advice to avoid purchasing a sex doll since doing so will ruin your relationship. Once your partner gets a taste of it, they would choose to have sex with a beauty than with you.

Again, this is one of the common misconceptions about sex dolls. Love dolls cannot destroy a relationship but improve it. Incorporating them into your sex lives can deepen your connection, as they help you understand your partner’s desires.

It may destroy your relationship only when someone finds your partner dating the doll or takes them to the living room to watch TV. Sex dolls should be kept at home and not flaunted. If this happens, there’s a problem that needs to be solved. But if your partner doesn’t do any of these things, rest assured your relationship remains intact.

Misconception #4: Sex Dolls Can Risk Your Health

Sex dolls are also commonly misunderstood as being unhealthy—another common misconception. Many manufacturers sell premade and customizable adult dolls. Some are of high quality, while others are subpar. Of course, dolls that are of low quality can carry potential risks to your health.

For instance, some dolls are porous, while others are non–porous. There is a distinction between how they are cared for and how people react to them. Silicone is an example of a material that is non-porous. It may be expensive, but you are confident of its safety. Moreover, they offer a great feeling that other materials can’t provide.

Porous materials, on the other hand, are susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and other particles that can breed on their surfaces. They are also not temperature-resistant and prone to wear and tear. Safe sex is still possible, however. Regularly cleaning these dolls can wash away bacteria buildup. Furthermore, using a condom will not only protect your genitals but also reduce the time spent cleaning them.

Misconception #5: Sex Dolls Are Expensive

While this misconception about sex dolls can be true, it’s not always true. Adult dolls are made of various materials. They come in different sizes, too! Some have added features that make them more realistic. These factors affect their price. The better quality the doll is, the higher the price range. The same goes for features and size. The heavier they feel and the more advanced their features are, the more expensive they get.

Thus, we cannot always say that sex dolls are expensive. You can find many dolls on the market that fit your budget.

Final Words

Every day, sex dolls gain popularity. More and more clients are drawn to this industry, which delights them with its advances. Consumers are still discouraged from purchasing sex dolls due to persistent misconceptions about sex dolls. Don’t allow these falsehoods to ruin your enjoyment or pleasure in bed!

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