About us


Our products include almost all kinds of sex dolls. No matter you wanna a petite lady or a mature woman, we always have the right sex doll that suits your taste.

These sexy sex dolls are constructed of lifelike super-elastic MEDICAL-GRADE TPE material. If you are a sex doll newbie, do not be surprised that 90% of sex dolls are exported from China. You may wonder why we are confident that our sex dolls are better but more affordable, we will tell you:

  • Top-quality From Top Factories:  We only work with top quality factories instead of cheap factories or trading companies, so we can control quality from the source.
  • Effective-cost Shipping: We mainly use ocean container ship, train and truck delivery as our shipping method, and this leads to 60% of the shipping cost saved than air shipping. At the same time, we provide the most affordable expedited shipping via FedEx and UPS as well for these customers who wanna receive it faster.
  • Reasonable Price: We are a commercial company and are committed to providing customers with the best quality products, high-end designs, and better services. We will keep reasonable price cuz we want to serve as many customers as possible, not customers who can only afford high prices.


Petite Sex Doll is offering realistic sex dolls for our customers by working with some top sex doll factories. In addition, we are establishing our own warehouses in the United States, so our local users can get these dolls within 2 to 6 days.

For the past few years, our team members used to work in some sex doll brands. Sex doll is not a novel topic for us cuz we have experienced the whole process from 3D-model featuring to the sampling, and to go further, going to market.

Finally, we started this shop to offer cut the information gap between vendor and buyer. We not only offer competitive prices on purchase, but also memorable experiences with top-rated customer service.



Factory Tour – May, 2022

We have set up offices in both China and the Philippines to offer effective and friendly 24/7 customer service. Still have questions? Simply reach us via an online chatbox or [email protected] now!