How To Clean TPE Sex Doll Vagina After Use

How to clean TPE sex doll vagina after use
We often receive questions about how to clean human-sized sex dolls properly, especially the vaginal area. Proper care of your doll is crucial in extending its lifespan and keeping it clean and elastic.
Note: This article focuses on cleaning the vaginal, anal, and oral areas of your sex doll. For information on how to care for your doll in general, please read “How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll.”
1. Removable vs. Fixed Vagina
When purchasing a sex doll, choosing between a removable or fixed vagina makes a significant difference, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.
2. Cleaning a Sex Doll with a Fixed Vagina
While cleaning a sex doll with a fixed vagina may not be easy, it doesn’t have to be a headache either. We recommend using a plastic stool to support the doll’s weight during cleaning. Here are the steps:
  • Stand the doll up against a wall to prevent it from falling.
  • Mix warm water and recommended cleaning agents (antimicrobial soap) in a bucket and fill the vaginal irrigator with the solution.
  • Insert the irrigator into the vagina while in a standing position to ensure that the water flows out and inject the soapy water to push out body fluids and dirt.
  • Repeat the cycle 2-3 times for the best results.
  • Keep the doll standing to drain all the water.
  • Insert a clean towel into the vagina to retrieve all the remaining water.
  • Put the doll on a stool or in the bathtub.
  • Gently wipe the doll’s face and other body parts with a wet cloth and mild antibacterial soap.
  • Use a soft towel to dry the doll.
3. Cleaning a Sex Doll with a Removable Vagina
Sex dolls with removable vaginas are much easier to clean and maintain than those with fixed vaginas. Follow these steps:
  • Pop the sleeve from the sex doll and turn it inside out.
  • Wash it with clean, warm water and mild soap (using manufacturer-recommended cleaning agents).
  • Dry the sleeve with a clean towel.
  • Wipe the sex doll and carefully insert the sleeve back into the cavity.

4. Essential Tools

Cleaning your TPE sex doll’s vagina is crucial for enhancing its longevity. Clean the vagina with clean water several times to remove everything, including the cleaning solution. TPE is porous, so make sure the doll is entirely dry after cleaning. Use a premium sex doll powder regularly to protect the TPE.

Here are the essential tools you’ll need to clean your sex doll:
  • A vaginal irrigator/douche, especially for those with sex dolls that have fixed vaginas.
  • A clean, dry towel.
  • A high-quality brush made of soft sponge material that’s flexible enough to cover all corners for optimal drying.

5. Use Your Doll with Care

Finally, please use your doll with care. Your doll is your beloved partner, so do not share it with anyone else to avoid spreading disease. It’s best to use a condom to prevent the growth of bacteria and use water-based lube when having sex with your doll to avoid tearing the skin.

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