5 Different Places At Home Where You Can Store Your Sex Doll

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If you’re single and living alone, you might be comfortable leaving your sex doll on your bed or the couch in your living room. But what if you’re going on a long trip that you can’t bring it with you? Perhaps you have a visitor coming and don’t want them to know your secret? How—or where—are you going to store it?

Don’t worry; we are here to guide you on where and how you will store your love doll properly. But first, let’s talk about why you should keep it.

The Importance of Properly Storing Your Sex Doll

There are many reasons why you should keep your doll correctly. One is its condition. Storing it in the wrong storage space can cause damage, shortening its lifespan.

Second, is your health. In addition to exposing your secret, placing it in an open environment exposes it to mold and bacteria, which can cause sexual infections.

Last is its durability. Doll repairs can be costly. Surely, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on situations that can be avoided. To get the most out of your sex doll, ensure it has a safe place in your home.

Top 5 Places at Home Where You Can Hide Your Sex Doll

Here are the top five places where you can keep your precious adult doll:

#1 Under Your Bed

If you have enough room under your bed, you can use this place to keep your love doll. Placing it beneath your bed gives you easy access whenever you want to use it for sex. Just pull it out and put it where you want to fuck it.

Keep in mind, though, that this place is not ideal for long-term storage. Sex dolls are usually curvy with rounded backsides. If you leave it underneath your bed for long periods, its butt and back will straighten out, ruining its realistic posture. So, storing it for weeks in this area is not a good idea. 

However, if you love to have sex with your sex doll every night, then keeping it underneath your bed during the day would be okay.

#2 Your Closet

The closet is an excellent place to keep a sex doll. It’s discreet and dark. You can store your doll in the closet for extended periods under the right circumstances. It all lies in how humid the space is and how you keep it.

Most erotic dolls have tiny hooks at the back of their necks for suspending purposes. Use it to hang it upright and ensure its body doesn’t touch the floor or the wall. Doing so will help preserve its posture and prevent it from straightening out. 

Watch out for the humidity level, though. Your closet will likely build moisture if you live in a hot, humid state or country, which could lead to mold and mildew buildup. Have a humidifier or a mildew remover in your closet. It will keep the closet’s atmosphere fresh and dry, making it a conducive place to store your sex doll.

#3 Your Garage

Your garage isn’t just a place for parking your car or keeping your other home appliances and hardware tools. It’s also a perfect location for storing your erotic doll. Some owners with more than one fuck doll use it as a hiding place. It is spacious and the most accessible area to keep your dolls, especially when your friend or one of your family members or relatives visits you without notice.

However, you need to be careful in storing it if you’re going to keep it here. The garage can be humid, hot, cold, and musty, like your closet. Thus, keeping your sex doll unprotected will not only accumulate dust and dirt but mold and mildew will build on it.

Store it in its box or container to keep it dust- and mold-free. If you have thrown it away, you can use a cardboard box as a replacement. But it would be best to store it in a rubber storage container for optimal protection.

Avoid keeping the container on the ground, especially if you live in a flood-prone area or your garage is prone to water leakage. Water can damage the container, which can also ruin your doll. Be sure to keep it above the ground or higher, like the table or the shelf, so water can’t reach it. In addition, cover the container with a blanket for extra protection.

#4 Your Attic

If you have an attic, you can use this place as your sex doll’s hideaway. It is an ideal place for long-term storage. This is also the perfect alternative if you don’t have a garage or can’t fit your doll in it.

Keep in mind, though, that, like your garage, your attic can be humid and musty. And if you have a leaky roof, it could even cause more trouble, as water droplets could fall onto your doll’s storage box. For these reasons, it’s essential to store your sex doll in a water-resistant container to keep it dry and in tip-top shape. 

#5 Your Basement

If your home doesn’t have a garage or an attic, your basement is the best place to store your doll. It’s discreet and dark. Furthermore, people will never visit your basement unless they live with you.

The basement is also more accessible than the attic, making it a better spot to hide it, especially if you are physically challenged. And if you want to have a midnight “fling” with your sex doll, it’s the perfect place to sneak away and have a solo moment with it.

Keep Your Sex Doll Properly, and You’ll Be Happy

Many sex doll owners are happy and satisfied with their love dolls. You can be one of them and have memorable moments with your doll. The only thing you need to remember is safety, which is why properly storing your doll is a must. By hiding it in these places and following the tips, your doll will avoid breakage, extending its lifespan and usage.

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