3 Things You Can Do With a Sex Doll (Other than Sex)

As sex dolls have grown in popularity in recent years, many people have a secret longing for this appealing product for the same reason: sex.

In fact, since sex dolls are built with lovely faces, enormous breasts, and ideal figures, they entice men of all ages to take their masturbation to the next level—to have the closest sexual experience to actual intercourse without having to deal with a real lady. Many sex doll lovers admitted that having sex with a sex doll is as same as or even better than having sex with a real woman. However, the majority of people are deterred from purchasing a sex doll is the high price. If you think sex dolls can only be the ones to satisfy your sexual needs, you are wrong! Once you realize there’s more to do with a sex doll, there is an unlimited fascinating world open for you.

Despite the name of “sex doll,” one of the most common reasons people purchase these dolls is for companionship rather than sex. Having a life-size doll that looks and feels realistic is a dream come true. Sex dolls are loyal partners that will never complain, criticize, judge, or lie to you. With a wonderful doll at your side, life is so much easier.

If these reasons aren’t enough to induce you to buy a doll, I will show you other ways to play with a sex doll!


1. Snuggling and Sleeping

If you’re lonely in your bed at night, a sex doll is perfect for you. Her soft, lifelike figure is ideal for snuggling, and her presence effortlessly mimics that of a real lady. With her at your side, you may hug her, kiss her, caress her, and even watch movies with her by your side. You may kiss her on the forehead every night and wake up to a gorgeous face every morning. Yes, a sex doll provides friendship as well as sexual pleasure, and everyone could use more love in their lives.

2. Photography

Photographing sex dolls is a dream come true. Most higher-end dolls have extraordinarily lifelike faces and proportionate bodies (even fantasy bodies, if you’re like that). They feature a metal structure below that allows you can adjust and position their movable joints, so they can be placed in whatever position you like. These joints lock into place, giving photographers the chance to improve their photography skills on a model over which they have absolut100% control. If you want to photograph your doll, choose one that has the “Standing Feet” option for extra posing possibilities.

3. Dress-up Your Doll

Remember when you were a kid and you used to play dress-up? No? You’ll be shocked at how addicting dressing up your own life-size doll could be. What you may not have had the opportunity to do as a kid, you may now fully enjoy as an adult. It’s similar to dressing up your female avatar in an online CG game.

When you purchase a doll, it becomes yours. You have complete control over what she wears, how she looks, her personality, and her story. As a result, you can’t just leave her nude (well, you could to some extent), but keep in mind that she’s all yours. You may dress her up any way you like, and most guys grow enamored with the option to customize the appearance of their doll. Finding clothing for your pet is a lot of fun.

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