Shopping Guide

Which sex doll to buy? Which features are best for me? You might have various questions before placing an order here. This shopping guide is designed to help you make your shopping process easier.

From the perspective of body shape and height, we have 3 types of sex dolls:

Life Size Sex Dolls: The height range is 4’7/140cm-5’7/170cm. The skin is marvelously elastic and firm. The face and body are perfect like beauty influencers in social media. All of these above make life size sex doll the real-woman-like feel.

BBW Sex Dolls: Height 5’/153cm and 5’4/163cm only. BBW Doll, Big Beautiful Women! They are the most popular fat girls, with chubby bodies, round buttocks, big breast, and wide buttocks. Her big tits are ultra-huge, cute, and perky nipples that like to be touched, kissed, squeezed, and teased. When you touch and squeeze her boobs, each of them is over-sized to fill your entire palm.They are the kind of girl who is fun and nice, and you can have better cuddling with her soft and big curvey body. The extra weight of a BBW doll is an extreme turn-on for most men who love the softness and warmth of a BBW woman. For some folks, that’s the height of sexuality. Whether it’s the busty breasts, bountiful bellies or bootylicious backsides that turn you on, a BBW sex doll can satisfy your cravings like nothing else. 

Male Sex Doll: Height Range 4’7/140cm-5’11/180cm. These sex dolls have handsome faces, strong muscles, and fine artistry. They have always been chased by thousands of girls (also males) and taken home to warm the cold quilt.

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When you’re ready to customize your first doll, what features should you choose? I believe that after reading the following introduction, you will be more familiar with each function of our custom dolls.