First of all, for all sex dolls stored in our overseas warehouses, we have prepaid the tariff and all taxes like VAT, GST etc. Our local customers could get it in 3-7 days with free shipping, no need to pay any more fee.

Secondly, for customized dolls, whether to pay tax depends on the recipient’s country and region:

to US: Customers do not need to pay tariffs. Because we have already paid the customs duty for the customer when importing customs declaration, so you do not need to pay it again.

to EU: For customers in the EU, if you choose standard shipping, which is shipped by train/truck, we have prepaid the tariff & VAT when entering the EU. So there is no need to pay again for our customers. If you choose expedited shipping, which is shipped by UPS/FedEx, it is not possible for us to prepay customs duties in advance, so customers need to pay customs duties and VAT on the end.

to Canada: We will prepay customs duties & GST, so Canadian customers no need to pay extra fee.

to Australia and New Zealand: For international express to AU & NZ we cannot prepay Customs duties, so local customers will need to pay duties and sales tax on their end.

to UK: Custom dolls to the UK can only be shipped by international express. Therefore, local customers need to pay Customs duties and VAT.

On average, duties and sales tax will cost around $50-100, and in most cases, we could help you save the tariff. Just contact our agent after placing an order.

If you have any questions about shipping to your country, please get in touch with our friendly team. We do our best to help everyone!