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Here you’ll find US stock petite sex dolls that are lighter, easier to carry and store, and offer you all the main features just like a full-sized sex doll. Our mini sex dolls are made of human-soft and life-like TPE material with an internal metal skeleton to take and hold any favorite poses. Although they are smaller than life-size dolls, you’ll find their breasts and vaginas feel realistic and are capable of oral, vaginal, and anal sex.

These mini sex dolls are stored in our Los Angeles warehouse and ready to ship, they will reach you in 3-7 business days after we received your order.

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Not just US Stock mini sex dolls, no matter what type of sex doll you prefer, we always have the best selection in-stock for you. Currently we have:
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These in-stock love Dolls are great if you wanna get your doll ASAP.  If you prefer to custom your own unique doll, check our custom sex doll collection. Over 600 types of custom sex dolls there, no matter BBW sex dolls, Japanese sex dolls, or Anime sex dolls, there are enough types of sex dolls that will make your dream come true.